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Tracking time for later entry into a CRM system

This is one of the typical scenarios in which Timesheet Sidekick is very useful as a time-tracking tool for an indiviudual working in team.

  • A team of developers working for a company which uses a CRM system such as Infor CRM.
  • Customer issues are created in the CRM system as "tickets".
  • General development tasks are tracked with "tickets" or "defects".
  • Developers keep track of what they are working on throughout the day entering their times in the CRM system at some point.

Timesheet Sidekick is an incredibly useful tool for developers in a scenario such as that one. The developer starts up Timesheet Sidekick at the start of the work day. With a minimal amount of effort, the developer keeps the task they're working on selected in Timesheet Sidekick. When switching to a different task, the developer simply selects (or creates, and then selects) the new task in Timesheet Sidekick. One of the details the developer enters in a given task in Timesheet Sidekick is the "ticket" or "defect" number.

At the end of each day the developer has a useful record of what they did that day. At the end of each week they have a record of the entire week. At the start of a new week, the tasks from the previous week are automatically copied over to the timesheet for the new week. Periodically the developer enters their times from Timesheet Sidekick into the CRM system.

The developer now has a very useful, searchable local record of what they worked on.

Uh oh...

Say that a manager sends the developers a list of a few dozen ticket/defect numbers, asking them to "close" any which are ready to be closed. Each developer has to figure out which of the tickets/defects they had anything to do with. Depending on the CRM system, this might not be easy to do.

The developer who had been using Timesheet Sidekick simply needs to paste the list of tickets/defects into the Search dialog box, press the [Search] button, and bingo! They now have a list of any tasks from any of their timesheets which included any of those ticket/defect numbers. From that list they can open any of the timesheets referred to.




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